Artist: Rapper

Born, September 14, 1993 Alonzo Marvon Gibbs, aka, “Foreverboy” was raised in Des Moines, Iowa, and South Florida.

Passion for music since he was an infant.  I can  recall many times when Alonzo was a baby his dad Joshua Williams would rehearse poetry, and Alonzo would be in his baby swing he would try to mimic his dad’s every word.

Foreverboy entered the entertainment industry at the tender age of 5 modeling for an independent modeling agency in Urbandale, Iowa.  At the age of eight Alonzo began his pursuit to becoming a musician.  Alonzo began writing lyrics and performing at various events and talent shows.

Alonzo was 13 years old when his first album was dropped labeled Shawty Zo, produced by cousin Tiger from Evanston, IL.

Foreverboy has a unique flow; influenced by mainstream artists, such as TI, Lil Wayne and Drake.



  • 2001 Foreverboy dropped his first mix album “Shawty Zo”.
  • 2006 Foreverboy performed at the Iowa Black Expo.
  • 2008 Foreverboy opened for Grammy award winners Do or Die, at Bella Noche in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • 2016 collaborating with mainstream artists Willie Maxwell ll, aka Fetty Wap,

Over the course of Foreverboy’s career, he has been given the opportunity to collaborate with top of the line producers and mainstream artists, as well as indie artists.

Foreverboy took a downward spiral due to family hardship, which landed himself in/out of jails/prisons.  The last straw occurred when he was charged with first degree murder of a close child-hood friend.  Found not guilty, Foreverboy has matured into a conscious man, has put his adolescent behavior in the past, and is now focusing on rebuilding his life.