Ramy Qasem

Ramy Qasem

Ramy Qasem

Artist: Singer/Writer

Through charisma and influence, Ramy Qasem put a spell on the world, enchanting crowds with his natural stage presence and talent; a product of a healthy dose of Luis Miguel and Michael Jackson, spoon-fed to him by his Panamanian mother and Jordanian father.

His stardom has cultivated a large popularity and a loyal fan base from Colombia to Spain. His unforgettable flair has stolen the hearts of millions, leaving an impact in the industry, giving Pop music for a solo artist a higher quality standard.

Born on September 7th, he began fine-tuning his musical ear when his father propped him to perform music on a keyboard for his family and friends.

He initiated his career as a dancer at the age of twelve and established himself as professor in the field by the age of 16, teaching dancing lessons at dance studios.

Ramy worked with The Hive recording studio in 2009 writing music, leading to later collaborations with Evan Ross.

He also became a part of the creative team at Mega Recording Studios making music and writing songs with prominent artists in California in 2012.

Ramy Qasem’s music has developed throughout the years.

He has composed music in Spanish, creating hits like “ Te quiero decir” under CODISCOS records: A success that called for a sellout South American tour.

He moved to the Balearic Islands in Spain afterwards, where he produced electronic dance music for Senkai Studios.

Qasem is currently in Miami, Florida, manage with Wisdom Enterprise WE, working on developing a grand masterpiece that will succeed anything he has achieved until now.

His romantic tones and provoking lyrics are the result of hard work and organic ear for music, highlighting his dedication and respect for true artistry.

As he says in a recent 2017 interview at Midtown Studios and Film:

“…To create music and links, and to make sure the links are made out of the strongest material, not just plastic.