Business Consulting Services

Wisdom Enterprise will design and provide creative and effective marketing strategies for its talented clients. While our talented underground musicians are working in the studio our team will be formulating the best lucrative plan to market, promote our clients.

  • Website
  • Business Logo
  • Business Email
  • Business Cards
  • Branding Products
  • Social Marketing Services
  • Business Communication Services
  • Booking Services
  • Distributions (national & international)

Brand Ambassador Promotional Services

  • Poster/Flyer distribution
  • Radio Broadcast
  • Digital Connect Promo
  • College Networking
  • T-Shirt Promo
  • Entertainment Events
  • Promo Product distribution
  • B2B Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

  • Text Promo audience reaching 25K & up
  • Promo Pics
  • Connection Plus Digital   Marketing
  • Website Builder/Website Analysis
  • SEO Optimization
  • Enhance Digital Traffic
  • Digital Distribution Packages