Top 2020 Trends in Digital Marketing Services

Top 2020 Trends in Digital Marketing Services

No matter which industry you operate in or which type of products you offer, it’s impossible for you to ignore the digital marketing trend. Not long before, businesses just knew a little about the digital world, but now the landscape is evolving and it’s not always easy to keep up.

Digital technology has been advancing in recent years and this year would be no different. The new trends in the digital arena present various exciting opportunities for businesses of all scales. From website design services to radio broadcast companies, all types of businesses can benefit from the trends in digital marketing this year. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top trends in digital marketing services this year.

Facebook may not be the best option for marketing

This year around Facebook may no longer remain as the king of social media marketing. With the data breached scandal a couple of years back, Facebook has lost considerable credibility, with a growing percentage of people frustrated and angry with the platform’s spread of fake news, political propaganda, and cyber bullying.

Moreover, the platform is continuously losing its ground with the younger demographics, which are more and more preferring visual interactive experiences offered by other platforms like Instagram and Snap chat.

Any digital marketing agency now needs to think about its target market before starting any campaign on the platform since it continues to trend downwards with younger social media users.

Direct Messaging is going to increase

Direct Messaging (DM) is slowly becoming the top trend in digital marketing this year. Businesses are using DMs to get more personal with their customers in order to streamline customer support and grow their sales.  With the help of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or private messages like Twitter, a growing number of businesses are serving their customers well by understanding their needs.Businesses find that sending personal messages to consumers is an efficient way to build connections, whether they answer grievances, take purchase, or orders. Often connecting with your customers through this way works best, when you incentivize them with an exclusive deal or coupon by sending a private message. For instance, if you are running an event management company, you can send a link to customers with discounted tickets to entertainment events. This will eventually help you make strong connections with your customers.

Micro influencers will be on the rise

Influencer marketing has been successfully helping digital marketing companies to gain more businesses for their clients. However, big-time influencers are getting more expensive in recent years, which is why marketers are now interested to work with small and medium-sized influencers.

In 2020, more marketing agencies will be providing their clients with opportunities to boost their businesses with the help of influencer marketing, besides providing them affordable digital distribution packages.

Chatbots will be used more for customer services

Chatbots are getting more intelligent with time. They can interact with customers via instant messaging in real-time. Whether it’s a college networking project or a business communication project, marketers are now urging their clients to take benefit of this useful and amazing technology.

Everything from providing basic information about promo pics services to automating some basic customer support functions can be easily handled by sophisticated chat bots software.

The Take Away

So as you see, things are quickly changing in the digital marketing world. There are major trends that have emerged over the past few years and continue to grow in importance, while new strategies have recently been established on which marketers have started to concentrate to grow their business.

The main point is to stay updated with the latest digital trends and know how to make the most of them to stay ahead of the competition.